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Revolutionize pet health

fetch®.is a NEW method of leveraging technology and big data insights that allow veterinarians to increase client loyalty and grow their bottom line. We believe not only can the independent veterinary business be extremely profitable, but we can also improve community pet population’s health outcomes by educating owners about the importance of preventive care diagnostics and medication adherence.

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How we do it
fetch®.focuses on three core areas
Data Analytics
Data Analytics
Keep track of your client's treatments and get alerts for opportunities to work. With just a few clicks, you can find pets in need of service.
Efficient Workflow
Efficient Workflow
Our system allows you to map out your staff’s workload, allocate more staff time to customer-facing activities and track the value of every visit.
Patient Outreach
Patient Outreach
Campaigns are easy to implement, so you can send messages for wellness, counseling, preventive care, and other clinical services.
Did you know?...

of service reminders are over 6 months overdue

* generated from a 200 practice analysis of practice management systems. March 2017
Low Vaccination Rates and Missed Opportunities

In March 2017, we completed over 32 million transactions from 200 practices from a 3-year period. We found that 78% of service reminders generated from practice management systems were “stale” or more than 6 months overdue.

Across the board for dogs and cats, a significant number of the pet population (at least 33%) has no set reminder and is likely under vaccinated.

Dog population with no vaccination reminders
Cat population with no vaccination reminders
Fetch®can fix this. Let us show you how!
What can fetch. do for me?

What can fetch®.do for me?

fetch®.is a revolutionary data management and automated communications platform for independent community veterinary practices. fetch®.delivers a comprehensive solution for data analysis, plus a one-of-a-kind educational platform that improves client loyalty, preventive care and medication adherence- all the while growing profitability for independent veterinarians. The cloud-based fetch solution enables both better health and business outcomes, with actionable insights for practice owners that drive revenue and results in happier, healthier pets.

Enrich Your Data

Pets visiting your clinic are so much more than patients, but because your data is stale, messy and hard to maintain, they often end up without the best friend treatment. fetch®.works with all major practice management systems to cleanse, organize and translate your clunky data into immediate and actionable opportunities while ensuring pets feel warm and fuzzy inside and out.

Enrich Your Data
Uncover More Opportunities

How quick could you pull a list of all pets past due for treatments or services? Don’t feel bad - most veterinarians can’t answer that either. But fetch®.and its user-friendly interface tells you when Buddy’s due for a dental exam or when Sprinkles needs her next vaccine so you can keep your community’s pets running on all fours.

Uncover More Opportunities
Strengthen Your Communication

You don’t need to be Dr. Doolittle to understand your patients’ needs. It just takes communication. With fetch®.and its one-of-a-kind communication tool, you can use voice, email or text to keep your clients in the know with preventive health treatments, appointment reminders, Happy Birthday calls, VIP client thank you’s and more.

Strengthen Your Communication
Success Stories

What we have done for other clients

fetch®.has shown its clients a significant return on investment and is not only responsible for setting hundreds of appointments, but also substantial increase in the number of new patients veterinarians see on a weekly basis, all of which adds up to thousands of dollars of additional revenue year over year.

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