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Revolutionize pet health

Our data management and communications solution does the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on improving the health of your population, while transforming the way your practice educates the community.

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Enrich Your Data

Information in practice management systems often becomes stale and messy, making it difficult to maintain. Integrated with all major systems, Fetch data services clean, standardize and enhance your data, creating a straightforward means to analyze, find trends, and translate your data into actionable insight.

Uncover More Opportunities

Delve into key performance indicators on revenue, diagnostics, vaccines, and preventive programs. Fetch employs a user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily segment your patient population, target lapsed patients and, in turn, enhance the overall health of your practice.

Strengthen Your Communication

Leverage your voice, as the trusted healthcare professional, to effectively communicate newly identified preventive health notifications, appointment reminders, client loyalty messages and more. Include email and text messages in order to round out and streamline your communication platform as a whole.

Case Study


30 Year Vet Clinic in Arkansas


Adherence & loyalty campaigns


September 2016



Extra patients per day


Return On Investment


Active listen rate

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